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Peter LeMarc - 1982 - Som Vår Passion [SP]
Etikett: Elektrofon (84-2424)
Stilar: Syntpop | New Romantic

Värde: Osäkert, för få värden (7) se detaljer

Betyg: (3 betyg)

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Peter Lemarcs egan kommentar som skivan
"My very first single. Self-made ​​in 1981. Recorded together with synth-oracle Mikael Fölsch. The result, which we generously be called a "poor man's Talking Heads track" (at least the backside), sawed relentless, but fair, by the critics Schlager (swedish music paper) under the title "Bye bye and goodbye". The reviewer wondered why the "austrian born Peter, Lemarc" wanted to sound like "a buttery Midge Ure," noted that the text probably was written in "a reputable diner in Östermalm" and alleged that some of the synth sounds sound like "electronic cuckoo clock." That any of this would be anything but negative was beyond doubt.

I went around to record stores in Gothenburg and sold it myself, on Commission, and most copies remained unsold. A dash was sent to the Old Town's record store in Stockholm. And so I did a small ad in the newspaper with TRANSFER LETTER in the Schlager paper. That was the only one marketing. Some items went to Swedish Radio. And then I sat night after night on the radio and waited for them to play it. In vain. The Record number (cat no) was my home phone number in Gothenburg! I Would Predict that only a handful of copies remain. Thank goodness for that!!

Viktiga musiker:
 1. Som Vår Passion
 2. I Mitt Land

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